Stunt Cycle

Stunt Cycle is Flash style replica of the 1979 Atari classic. You are a stunt man and your objective is to earn points and money by jumping as many obstacles as possible without killing yourself in the process.

Game Instructions:
Use the mouse to move the throttle left and right which controls the acceleration and speed of the motorcycle. The throttle bar (at the bottom portion of the screen) has a handle on it. Grab the handle and drag it to the right to accelerate and to the left to decelerate. There are no brakes. You use only the throttle to control your speed. As you approach the up ramp the throttle bar will turn into a red progress bar. The farther up the ramp you click the progress bar, the higher into the air you will fly. You MUST land on the down ramp for a successful jump. Each successful jump will earn you points and cash. Each time you crash, you will incur injuries and damages to your motorcycle. Use your cash to pay your hospital and repair shop bills to keep jumping. Too many injuries will kill you. Too much bike damage will put you out of the game. You can click the commentators button to turn off the comments.


Stunt Cycle

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