Drunk Driving Dummy

Another racing game for people, who like Drunk games and Drunk Driving games - Drunk Driving Dummy. You are a crash test dummy with a weakness for the bottle who makes a living executing ‘special’ deliveries for locals at the bar: "Hey what`s up doc, I want you to go to my friend`s house at 10 Young st. When it`s done, take the bag to 13 Hall st. Plus, gat all 5 coins and come back here. By the way, don`t bump into police car, you`ll be big trouble... Good luck!"

Follow the instructions you get while at the bar, go pick up and deliver packages at the specified addresses, get the 5 coins and return to the bar take another beer and make another delivery.
Your goal is to ‘pass out’ with an alcohol level of 1 and go to the next city. Beware of your two enemies, the police and… you (alcohol have undesirable effects on your body).
You lose a live/warning when you get arrested, you lose them all and it’s game over (check the yellow triangle at the top-right). Collect 25 stars and you get one back.
Use the map and the street name indicator (bottom-left) to guide yourself into the town.


Drunk Driving Dummy
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